A framework focused on client with a brand new approach

Maktas Co. Inc., which has adopted the continuous client satisfaction as its prime policy by ever increasing the aspects of quality is an ISO 9001:2000 Standard Quality Assurance Certificate holder construction company. Maktas Co. Inc., which has been carrying on its activities within a framework that is solely focused on the client, has adopted the following basic fundamentals as an overall company policy in order to achieve higher grounds:
being one of the sector’s leading companies with regard to services rendered in its field by adopting the “quality” as an essence that cannot and must not be abandoned,
supporting any contributive moves that help increase the level of quality, and creating an understanding of service where the level of quality supplied is in fact neither enough or be contended with,
following up and implementing the latest technological developments, with a view to utilize the company resources in most effective manner, in order to continuously increase and better the level of quality offered and productivity achieved,