being choosey with regards to selecting of personnel and, to employ adequate number of personnel that would fulfill the work capacity of our company and who are tailor-made for those specific duties possessing all the right qualities that the post may demand,
training and educating our personnel to a level where personnel become fully equipped with the required experience, knowledge and skills with regards to our scope of activities,
rendering services, required by both our home based or foreign clients, in line with the aspects on quality, conditions and criteria which are defined by the requirements themselves, and to adopt an approach where the services are only purchased from the suppliers who renders for high quality while continuously evaluating their quality levels.

As an indication of being sensitive to the environment into which the art of constructing is blended and in realization of fact that the quality levels currently achieved and implemented are due to its personnel, OHSAS 18001 Health & Safety Assurance at Work Management System and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Programs were put into implementation in September 2003 by Maktas Co. Inc., that are planned to be finished by April 2004.